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Tom Felton Talks Spooning With Daniel Radcliffe And Life After Harry Potter

Tom Felton on Harry Potter and its future

Coordinated chants of "yummy" greeted a blushing Tom Felton as the Harry Potter star took the stage at the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend. Costumed fans, who proudly declared that they had been stalking him all day, asked Felton everything from his take on fan fiction to what he thinks his life will look like when he's no longer Draco Malfoy.

"I'm hoping that they'll remake in twenty years and I'll get to play Lucius," Felton joked. Although with Hollywood's penchant for remakes -- Felton himself stars in "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" this summer -- who knows if future opportunities to revive Malfoy may occur?

While Felton admitted to questioning whether acting was his true passion, (he dabbled with the idea of "agricultural work, fishing…"), filmmaking has since become the young actor's intended path.

"I'd love to [direct]," Felton said. "I'm very interested in the sort of passion that David Yates has cemented in me for not just acting but certainly for all filmmaking… sounds, stunts, whatever it may be."

But Felton is by no means done with acting. He even has a wish list.
Dream role? James Bond. Dream film? "Me and Daniel have always been saying that we want to do I film where I'm the hero and he's the villain," he said. "We will only work together again with that stipulation in mind."

Soon conversation of Felton and Radcliffe turned more scandalous.

"I must stress [that the pictures in fan fiction] aren't real, I promise, Daniel and I have never spooned in bed," Felton exclaimed. "It's weird when people want me and Dan to date. That would have been a twist [in the movies] wouldn't it? Well, if Harry had the chance…"