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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 Game

Some exciting news for the Potter patrons and gamers, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part2 games are all set to thrill you this summer! The happy news is that, apart from the regular characters that we used to play, i.e., Harry, Ron and Hermione, we will also be able to play as Ginny, Neville and Prof. Flitwick! Yes, its true, and much justified in case you have read the parts played by these characters in the last installment of the series.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows : Part 2 game will also have VOLDEMORT as a character to play the game with, only that, you'll have to cross some levels of the game in order to unlock this character!

Sounds extremely exciting to me, though the date for the release of the game has not yet been officially announced by EA Games.

                                          LET THE BATTLE UNLEASH!

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Harry Potter star got engaged!

If you were of the opinion that Harry Potter stars were little children, playing their part in the fantasy movie, think again!

Our very own Ginny aka Bonnie Wright got engaged to another Harry Potter star, Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays the role of Gillert Grindelwald)in the movies. The couple is not keen on telling as to when and where are they going to get tied by vows but they happily announced about their engagement.

Time is running real fast!
Anyway, we wish luck and lots of happiness to this young couple, from the bottom of our hearts!

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Harry Potter STARS : meet them!

Do you fancy meeting your favorite Harry Potter stars, in person? Well, the good news is YOU CAN!

XFINITY & MTV have joined forces to help you experience the 2011 MTV Movie Awards like never before. 
There's room for One winner and Three friends to meet the winning Harry Potter stars personally, in Los Angeles, California! Thats not all, you'll be winning passes for movie screening, press events and celebrity parties. 

Grand Prize: luxury hotel accommodation, round trip airfare and movie awards goodie bags which includes HD flip cam and a digital camera!

To enter the contest, head to XFINITY4COLLEGE facebook page : http://on.fb.me/mtvxa11 and upload a video, telling why you should be picked for winning! Ask your friends to vote for you. Voting is open from April 11-29.

Last date for uploading your video is April 10..HURRY!

There are a lot of other prizes to be taken away!
Don't miss this chance!

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Just when you thought that the magic was going to end, post the release of the last installment of the movie, well, I am delighted to announce that you are WRONG!

There's an all new show, lined up for release on the television screen, its called, The Aurors!

Wand flashes and charms, everything will be seen and heard once again, that too at the comfort of your home!

The settings will be this modern day world, an auror working for the department of mysteries, fighting the dark wizards. The production started after having a discussion with J.K. Rowling.

Whats the catch, well, the release date coincides with Fred 'n' George's birthday!
                                          APRIL FOOL