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Harry Potter STARS : meet them!

Do you fancy meeting your favorite Harry Potter stars, in person? Well, the good news is YOU CAN!

XFINITY & MTV have joined forces to help you experience the 2011 MTV Movie Awards like never before. 
There's room for One winner and Three friends to meet the winning Harry Potter stars personally, in Los Angeles, California! Thats not all, you'll be winning passes for movie screening, press events and celebrity parties. 

Grand Prize: luxury hotel accommodation, round trip airfare and movie awards goodie bags which includes HD flip cam and a digital camera!

To enter the contest, head to XFINITY4COLLEGE facebook page : http://on.fb.me/mtvxa11 and upload a video, telling why you should be picked for winning! Ask your friends to vote for you. Voting is open from April 11-29.

Last date for uploading your video is April 10..HURRY!

There are a lot of other prizes to be taken away!
Don't miss this chance!