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Harry Potter slayed the good looking Vampire!

I resisted writing this for a long time, but can't hold on any longer.

Its been long clash between Harry Potter & Twilight, the readers of these two books have been involved in a divine feud ever since Twilight started gaining super popularity. I appreciate Twilight but my love for Harry Potter is way beyond my appreciation!

What made me write this post today,.. well lets just say that reading the results of the poll for 'Favorite Movie of 2010' conducted by take40.com, made an adrenalin rush(its very common, you can google it)! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:Part I beat Twilight and ended up at the top spot!

Here's a link : Poll Results-click here

I think that Harry Potter scores above Twilight on these major grounds:

  • Audience: Harry Potter has a fan following of kids and young adults, you can say teenagers, which make half of our world! Twilight, on the other hand, has patrons from the age group of 15-25, which is much less!
  • Special Effects: I think when you have movies based on something supernatural, you look out for graphics and special effects, and you want the movie to be rich in this department. Harry Potter movies have undoubtedly great special effects & graphics.
  • Dress Designing: Twilight is set in modern times, so girls can always follow Bella's trends, while Harry Potter is set in somewhat the present time yet the style of dressing of a wizard is shown so differently, it catches your imagination. BAFTA nomination for that!
  • Story: Finally, Twilight fans, don't kill me for this, I know that the genres are different but, Harry Potter series has ample of reasons for the things that are taking place in the books, while Twilight movies & books, they market their characters more than their story line. Edward is like one big doll for them, girls get attracted anyway!

I think I'll stop here, or I'll be dragged away by some of my friends who think they should live in Forks with a vampire boyfriend!

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Lyf Is Lyk That said...

definately Edward is sooo attractive but storywise harry potter leads.

Lu said...

Hi :)

I also just joined the wonderful world of HP blogging :)

Follower :)