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Harry Potter forever - first Blog Anniversary

This blog was started on 28th November, one year back, when we were still waiting for the last installment of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to release. We were excited and a bit scared of the fact that it was going to end, our childhood without waiting for the next Harry Potter book or movie, can you imagine!

Now its done with and in a grand fashion. Thanks for the support you all gave and the 'LIKEs'.

I wish to plan a giveaway sometime soon, in early December perhaps and my apologies that I am not able to do anything just as of now since I am middle of blood sucking exams.

Keep checking back for the giveaway!

Yours in Potter..forever!

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'Harry Potter' Stays Put at Top of Home Entertainment Charts - The Hollywood Reporter

'Harry Potter' Stays Put at Top of Home Entertainment Charts - The Hollywood Reporter:

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Harry Potter and the Death;y Hallows - Part II

Warner Home Video’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 remained the top-selling DVD and Blu-ray Disc for the second consecutive week, topping both the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert overall sales chart and the dedicated Blu-ray Disc sales chart.

A trio of Walt Disney Studios titles took the next three spots on the overall sales chart for the week ending Nov. 11, as the holiday gift-buying season shifted into high gear with various Disney-themed promotions at top retailers, including Target stores. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides shot back up to No. 2 from No. 12 after five weeks in stores. The Lion King, in its seventh week in stores, shot to No. 3 from No. 19 the previous week. AndCars 2, the newest release of the bunch, remained in the top 5, slipping to No. 4 from No. 2.

On Nielsen’s Blu-ray Disc chart, it was Potter-mania all the way, with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Imoving up a notch to No. 2 and the complete eight-film collection rising to No. 3 from No. 8 the previous week.
On Home Media Magazine’s weekly rental chart, Pirates shot to No. 1 from No. 86 now that its 28-day holdback from Netflix and Redbox is over. The No. 2 spot went to Warner’s Horrible Bosses, which bumped Sony Pictures’ to No. 3.
The previous week’s top renter, Paramount’s Captain America: The First Avenger, slipped to No. 5, right behind Cars 2, which moved up two spots to No. 4.

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Harry Potter twins!

--POPSUGAR, Australia
Fred and George Weasley (James and Oliver Phelps)

James and Oliver Phelps, known for bringing twins Fred and George Weasley to the big screen in the Harry Potter films, are currently in Sydney for the launch of Harry Potter: The Exhibitionat the Powerhouse Museum. Last week they attended the media preview and opening night gala, but their time Down Under isn’t completely filled with Harry Potter commitments. Tomorrow they’ll go skydiving for a great cause, to raise money for cancer research, and we found out it’s not the first time they’ve jumped out of a plane. We chatted to the brothers this morning to talk Harry Potter memories, Diving for Harry and their Sydney highlight so far.
What’s it like for you to see all the Harry Potter props away from the movie set? 
James: It’s like a walk down memory lane, because you walk by and you see props and costumes that you forgot about, but then you remember all the fun times you had whilst you were filming scenes with them.
What’s your favourite thing to see in the exhibition? 
James: I think it’s the Deathly Hallows, to be honest with you. It’s the first place in the world that they’ve been altogether as one. When we noticed that, that was really cool. Also because it’s not that they’re [presented] in a way that one thing is bigger than the other. If you aren’t paying attention you’d probably miss it.
I heard you tried to take things, like your wand, so did you end up getting anything? 
James: I tried to take something the other day but there was a security guard . . . [laughs] I actually managed to borrow some stuff from the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop.
What are some of your favourite memories from making the movies? 
James: Just having such a great time is my best memory. We with a good group of friends anyway, so it was great to experience 10, 11 years of such great fun with some really cool friends.
Did you guys ever try to trick people on set like the Weasley twins? 
James: A couple of times.
Any success? 
James: Oh yeah, we’ve got a high success rate, actually [laughs].
Who do you keep in touch with most out of the cast? 
James: Quite a bit with my brother, I guess [laughs]. We still keep in touch with Tom Felton, Rupert Grint — we still keep up with them quite a lot.
What was your experience like, growing up as twins? 
Oliver: It was always fun; I mean it was all we ever knew, and we didn’t have any other siblings. It was good because when you go away on holiday, you’ve always got someone to hang around. It came in handy with that type of stuff. And when we were at school, finding out homework, it was easier to remember. The one thing I didn’t like was how some people would, say, write a Christmas card to both of us, and stupid things like that.
In future would you guys like to work together again, or keep things separate? 
Oliver: We’d like to keep things separate in the sense of doing individual projects, but I wouldn’t write off doing film roles together. We did think at one point that maybe we wouldn’t do another film together, but a lot of the older guys on Potter were like, ‘You wanna use that, it’s like a unique quality you guys have.’
I saw on Twitter you guys are writing a bit about Diving for Harry. Can you tell us about that? 
Oliver: Sure, basically, tomorrow morning at about 8 o’clock US time James and I are gonna go skydiving. There’s a young lad who sadly passed away — he lost his battle with a brain tumour early last year — called Harry Moseley. There’s photos of James and I wearing his bracelet. He was diagnosed when he was 7, and he started raising money for cancer research. He raised over £500,000 by just selling these bracelets. It’s such an inspiring story, and we thought, after he lost his battle, anything to keep his memory going and raise money for his charity, why not do it on the other side of the world while we’re in Australia, jump out of a plane. It’s gone really well so far — we’ve already raised over £1,000 in a day. The target’s £5,000, so hopefully we’ll get there soon.
Are you guys usually adrenalin junkies? 
Oliver: Occasionally. I have done skydiving once before, about three years ago, and James has done it twice already. It’s a really big rush, and the adrenalin you get when you hit the floor is just insane. If we can raise money for a really good cause on the way, then it’s even better.
What’s your favourite thing that you’ve seen or done in Sydney? 
Oliver: We did actually go to dinner at Cafe Sydney the other day. The view from there is just absolutely outstanding. It was nice to realise that we were actually there, that type of thing. So that would probably be my favourite part.
And what’s next for you guys? 
Oliver: We’re going back to America to film some stuff out there. That’s gonna be in the new year. Until Christmas it’s going to be pretty much laying low. We’ve also got a few things to do back home — they’re trying to build a huge, high-speed railway for £30 billion, and James and I have been outspoken against it, so we’ve got some press to do with that as well

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Wondering what the Ultimate Harry Potter is..well its the legendary Harry Potter theme by an absolutely amazing young artist Robert Peeters, who plays piano.

The great thing is that he has played all of it on his PIANO and piano alone. I am not exaggerating but this is simply great, please listen to it -  Ultimate Harry Potter.

DO tell me about this, as you know I love comments!

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HOGWARTS about to be open

Studio opens Harry Potter world to the public
By JILL LAWLESS The Associated Press

Harry Potter stars in Hogwarts Great Hall

WATFORD, England — The magical world of Harry Potter is being meticulously reassembled at a former aerodrome near London.
The collection of sheds and sound stages is where the eight films were shot over the course of a decade, and soon they will be home to the official Making of Harry Potter studio tour.
With more than five months to go until the tour’s March 31 opening stonemasons in hard hats are busy laying the (real) flagstone floor of the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Even half-finished, its Gothic arches, gargoyles and huge fireplace are an impressive sight.
When it’s completed, studio Warner Bros. hopes it will be, well, magic — though the spell was briefly broken when advance tickets went on sale Thursday. Many fans found an error prevented them from booking tickets the official website. Warner Bros. blamed heavy traffic for the problem.
Movies are all about illusion, but creators of this tour are keen to stress its authenticity. The 14,000-square-metre site will include only authentic sets, props and costumes, on the original studio site 30 kilometres northwest of London.
For the movies’ cast, who spent a decade working here — the younger ones growing up on set — it can still evoke powerful feelings of nostalgia.
"I get shudders down my spine every time I walk back in there," said Tom Felton, the 24-year-old actor who played Harry’s Muggle-hating Hogwarts rival, Draco Malfoy. "Immediately, as soon as you go back it just fires up a decade’s worth of memories.
"I remember the first time I went in there — it was on camera. (Director) Chris Columbus specifically didn’t want us to see it before filming, because we were only 11-year-old kids. So, our reaction when we walked in there was pretty much genuine."
The vast Great Hall, where hundreds of Hogwarts pupils dined, celebrated, and were divided into houses by the mysterious Sorting Hat, will be the centerpiece of the tour, but there will be plenty more to delight Potter fans.
Re-erected sets will include the cupboard under the stairs where Harry was forced to sleep by his miserly relatives, the Dursleys; the imposing Ministry of Magic; headmaster Albus Dumbledore’s book-lined office; and Hogwarts’ classrooms, common room and a dormitory,
The tour is spread across two soundstages — stages J and K, a pleasing but accidental tribute to Harry’s creator, J.K. Rowling. The existing stages here at Leavesden Studios are A through I.
As well as the sets, visitors will learn how the series’ magical creatures were created in the studios’ workshops, and see some of the 200 shipping containers full of props that producers have kept from the films.
The eight Potter films made here between 2000 and 2010 were a mini-industry in themselves, employing both the cream of Britain’s acting talent and hundreds of craftspeople and technicians. Part of the tour’s aim is to show off the behind-the-scenes skill that went into creating the spectacle.
The level of detail is impressive. Dumbledore’s bookshelves are lined with individually titled books. His desk drawer opens to reveal quill-written letters and parchments that no moviegoer would ever have seen. The Weasley family kitchen will include a self-washing frying pan, enchanted knitting needles and other ingenious supernatural gadgets.
"The attention to detail and the care and the thought is breathtaking, and still is to us, even after eight films," said actor Mark Williams who played Arthur Weasley, father of Harry’s best friend Ron. "You’d go on set and go, ‘Bloody hell, it works!’
"I think people will be amazed about what was created as a physical prop rather than fixed later in the computer," added Warwick Davis, who played Hogwarts charms master Prof. Filius Flitwick and the goblin Griphook.
"Certainly for me, the filming experience on these was quite different to the work I’d done on Star Wars, in the sense that stuff was here and real," said Davis, who appeared in Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace.
"George Lucas would’ve built the first six feet of wall and left the rest to the computer."
Filming on the final Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, finished last year, and it was released in July, to a global wave of emotion from fans. The studio tour is a way to keep the Harry Potter machine running — but to be a success, it must avoid feeling like a cynical cash-in.
"I hope people will come on the sets and feel the warmth on the sets, and the experiences that have been here," said Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny Weasley in the films. "They’re really lived in, all the sets. They don’t feel just like a studio, they do feel like a world."
It will also be a working movie studio. The facility — for years a ramshackle collection of aging buildings and temporary structures on the site of a former aircraft factory — is being turned into Warner Bros’ British base. The company says it will be the biggest studio complex in Europe when it opens next year.
Many people feared the end of the Potter series would bring job losses in Britain’s movie industry, but Warner Bros.’ investment — which will make it the only U.S. studio with a permanent base in Britain — should bring a big boost

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Harry Potter DVD of the MILLENIUM

Harry Poter DVD and Bluray
Harry Potter fans, line up to grab your copies Harry Potter DVD and Blu-ray!

Finally friends, we can bring home our childhood in a pack of a dvd, the Harry Potter saga DVD and Blu-ray will be out on 11.11.11.

If you thought that Pottermore is the only thing that Potter fans can look forward to, you were probably wrong. Personally, I will be waiting anxiously for the DVDs to come to market. Also, we are expecting something more than just movies this time, some extra shots, interviews of the stars or may be something of the sort of Potter- Nostalgia.

One thing I am not sure is whether it would be a worldwide release or just USA. Anyway, its a important day on the dateline for me and millions of Potter-heads. Long Live Harry Potter!

Go ahead and own the complete set of Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-ray, I will do so myself. The movie of our generation, our hero, our friends...this is getting emotional. 

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Harry Potter forever - The Quiz!

I haven't had a quiz for a long time now, so I thought of testing your knowledge!

Beware! Its for serious fans and not just casual on lookers..here's the link

I trust your Potter love and therefore I have decided that one of the winners would be lucky enough to get a GIFT COUPON!
Don't forget to leave your name, email id and quiz score here..in the comments!
All the best!

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Harry Potter’s Resume

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Another Harry Potter book

A book by Tera Stouffer, Alpha, $16.95

Why does floo powder travel beat out flying by broom? When does the Knight bus come for a damsel in distress?
How do Portkeys work and why is it not a good idea to use them in a recycling area?
Why can't a wizard simply whip up something to eat when he is hungry? How come poor wizards live in sub-par houses if they have magic at their wand tips?
Here's a fun and informative treatment that lends itself not only to reading for entertainment but for coffee table discussion and keeping it around for reference.
Author Tere Stouffer hasn't missed a trick, including information from mythology, old wive's tales and even authors who might have inspired J.K. Rowling.
All seven books are covered and the references to various incidents and witches and wizards make it timely and rather personal to the Potter fan.
It's great reading for both the uninitiated and the ardent magic lover as Stouffer explains Quidditch, giants, why one has to run into a brick wall to catch the Hogwarts Express and how owls always know where to deliver their mail.
Ogden, Utah, gets a brief mention as possibly the birthplace of Ogden Firewhiskey.
This guide is well organized and lends itself to skimming as well as serious point-to-point study.
Nothing is taken too seriously and yet all of it is taken at face value, which makes for a different kind of literary experience.
Read this and you're assured of a place of honor at the next Harry Potter world, book, or movie discussion.
(Did you know that Knockturn Alley sells mostly items that are legal to sell but illegal to own?) (Are you aware that the Hogwart's library has a rather hard to find invisibility section or that the school motto is "Never tickle a sleeping dragon"?).
In this book one can learn all one wants to know and then some about wizarding schools, spells, magical creatures, potions along with the difference between spells, charms, hexes, jinxes and curses.
One interested in becoming a wizard for a day or for a trick-or-treating stint may want to memorize the spells chapter.
This is not to say that every question is answered. There's the question of how the teachers at Hogwarts know a child is born to magic and how the Ministry of Magic gets paid when no one pays any taxes.
Stouffer never really claims to have all the answers, but she's done a pretty fair job of collecting valuable information from the stories, enough to offer a framework about the wizarding life that makes almost total sense.
It makes for an entertaining read at the very least.
Sharon Haddock is a professional writer with 30 years experience, 17 at the Deseret News. Her personal blog is at sharonhaddock.blogspot.com. Email: haddoc@desnews.com

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Harry Potter's most magical character is Dumbledore | Books | guardian.co.uk

Harry Potter's most magical character is Dumbledore | Books | guardian.co.uk: -Annabel Pitcher 

So Severus Snape has been crowned the nation's favourite Potter character and I'm left with an expression that could curdle potions. Are we talking about the same person? The one described as "bat-like" and "oily" and "sallow" and "sneering" – that guy? Really? I can't help wondering if the whole country's been confunded.Give me Dumbledore any day. First off – he could win in the fashion stakes. Whereas Snape spends his time skulking around the dungeons in baggy black robes, Dumbledore presides over the Great Hall, resplendent in robes of midnight blue. Midnight blue! If that's not a colour befitting the nation's best wizard, I don't know what is. And then there's the hair. Snape's is dull and black. Dumbledore's is silvery. Snape's is oily. Dumbledore's is, well, clean. Call me old-fashioned, but hygiene is important – in fiction as well as real life. It seems to me that the nation has chosen a character whom, in reality, they wouldn't want to sit next to on the tube. The sight of Snape would make you wince on the London Underground, whereas Dumbledore could show you a handy map of it just above his left knee.Why else do I love Dumbledore? Well, how can you not love a camp grey wizard who eats sherbet lemons and welcomes students back to school with the words, "There is a time for speech-making. This is not it."? Dumbledore's funny. He's unorthodox. He lets a part-giant with a love of monsters take up residence in the school shed, and a werewolf with a penchant for human blood to teach underage wizards. Nonconformist, liberal and flexible, he's everything that Severus "10 points from Gryffindor" Snape is not.Dumbledore also knows things. Everything, in fact. Twiddling his thumbs in a castle turret, Dumbledore does what every other character in the book fails to do: he works out the secret of the horcruxes. No wonder he's the only person feared by He Who Must Not Be Named. So yeah, Snape double-crossed Voldemort. But who told him to? Who guided him in every single act of cunning? Snape acted bravely – but Dumbledore directed his performance.However, it's not Dumbledore's sense of style or humour, his batty approach to teaching or his intelligence that make him my favourite character. It's his bad points that I like so much. Snape turned out to be capable of love, but Dumbledore turned out to be capable of sin – and that revelation was by far the more moving of the two. The old headmaster is worthy of our admiration as a benevolent champion of muggles, but he becomes worthy of something far deeper when we realise that he champions muggles out of remorse for past wrongdoings. When we're told the full extent of his sins with Grindelwald, Dumbledore steps down from his magical throne, throws off his robes of midnight blue, and joins we muggles as someone flawed, human – and worthy of our love. In short, by the end of the series, Dumbledore becomes real. Snape does too, turning from a sneering sallow-face to a complex man capable of great love and sacrifice. But, for me, showing the reader that a villain has good points is far less interesting (and far less brave a decision by Rowling) than revealing that one of her heroes was capable of making such grave mistakes.

'via Blog this'

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Harry Potter Returning To The Big Screen As Troll Fighter | Contactmusic

Another Movie on the Harry Potter lines

Harry Potter is set for another movie outing in the remake of 1986 movie Troll.
In that film, child star Noah Hathaway played heroic Harry Potter, Jr. and now up-and-coming youngster Harrison Bliss has signed on to recreate the role in a new version of the cult film, titled The Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter.
Movie spokesman Ed Lozzi tells WENN that the producers and lawyers behind the film feel they can press on with the project without fear that the movie bosses behind author J.K. Rowling's Potter empire can shut it down.
Lozzi says, "The original movie was conceived, written and directed by John Carl Buechler in 1986. The film chronicled the adventures of Harry Potter, Jr. after his sister Wendy is attacked and possessed by an evil wizard, posing as a troll in the Potter family’s new apartment complex.
"This film is not a continuation of J.K. Rowling’s intrepid boy wizard. It is about everybody’s other favourite boy with magical powers - Harry Potter Jr. - and his father Harry Potter."
And the producers have signed top Los Angeles lawyer Thomas Girardi to make sure their project isn't hampered by the movie executives behind the other Potter films.
He states that Troll producers actually considered suing Warner Bros. over the Harry Potter name some years ago: "While some of the films' themes might seem familiar, Troll's owner decided not to sue J. K. Rowling or Warner Bros... because of a family tragedy at the time. They just put it on the back burner... and delayed matters until now.
"There is no problem with doing a remake of Troll because you can remake your own stuff. Everybody knows it was our material. We made the movie years before Rowling came out with her book."
A director has yet to be attached to the Troll remake.
The eighth and final Harry Potter film, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, was released to much fanfare and acclaim earlier this summer (11).

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Twilight copies Harry Potter's idea!

A man riding on the coattails of the recently announced Pottermore website for adoring Harry Potter fans, has created one of his own named Twimore, for vampire-loving Twihards everywhere.
The website has caused an outrage among both the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" fans. The JK Rowling following has accused 22-year-old Kaleb Nation of being unoriginal and the "Twilight" series unworthy of being in the same realm as the "Harry Potter" series.
"Twilight" fans have been bombarding the creator with e-mails asking to be the first to have access to this “exclusive” site. What these angered and frantic fans do not know is that the website is a complete parody of the original announcement made by J.K. Rowling about the interactive Pottermore website.
Kaleb Nation is just a talented YouTube video creator who happened to be the first to think of the idea to do the parody and was actually shocked that no one had done it already, not knowing he would spark such a reaction from "Twilight" fans and haters alike.
“My email inbox is stuffed with people begging for early access to Twimore. I'm not sure how many of these are serious. I'm flattered that my web design and video production skills are so convincing!,” he said in an e-mail interview with the Huffington Post.

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Pottermore – Harry Potter's digital adventure

Potter @digitally best!

We've seen him grow from a bespectacled small boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs to a married father of three, head of the Auror department and conqueror of Lord Voldemort. This autumn, Harry Potter will take the final step to maturity as he waltzes into the digital arena withthe launch of Pottermore, interactive website and home of the Potter ebooks.
I'm a bit old, really, at 32 to be excited about the launch of a website dedicated to a series of children's books, but I appear to have signed myself up for access to Pottermore regardless. I first realised Potter was something special in the summer of 2000, when my cousin spent an entire night obsessively reading his new copy of Goblet of Fire. The next morning, exhausted from sleeping on an airport floor, collapsed in our tent, my brother and I went to sleep but my cousin just kept on reading. Such dedication: I decided I had to check them out, and although I've never actually stayed up all night reading one of them, I will confess to a midnight trip to Asda when the Half-Blood Prince came out, and to locking myself in the bathroom to finish Deathly Hallows: stupid family, distracting me from my books.
It's not something I readily admit to in adult company, but I've not only read all the Harry Potter books, I also reread them on occasion: they're the ultimate comfort read for a bad/sad day. With the final book published four years ago though, and the final film released in July, it was looking like rereads and rewatches were the only thing left for Potter fans. Until Rowling's revelation last month that, just as we'd always suspected, she had written thousands of extra words about the Potterverse, and was going to share them with her fans on her new website.
No longer will we have to wonder about the past lives of Dursleys and McGonagalls, about the secrets of Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin houses or the details of wand wood. I caught a glimpse of a few of the Pottermore pages at the press conference launching the website last month – I was scribbling furiously, but a young Professor McGonagall's love for a Muggle was the only bit I managed to get down on paper – and it looks like the appetite of even the most obsessive of fans will be satisfied by what's going to be on offer.
With 18,000 words already written, and more to come, Pottermore will first be restricted to the world of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, but new material around events, places and characters from all seven books will be added in due course. I think I'm most looking forward to Rowling's detailed explanation of Quidditch. "The number of geeky men who come up to me to argue about Quidditch – well, I'd be a lot richer if I got a quid for every one," she said at the conference. "They just think it's illogical. It's not. I had a speech by Dumbledore in the first book explaining why it's not illogical, but it never made it in. It will do at some point." You show those geeks, JK.

--Guardian, UK

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Harry Potter DH 2 Game : Behind the secenes

Behind the Scene from the Team!

Watch your favorite stars telling their FINAL HARRY POTTER GAME EXPERIENCES!

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Pottermore Q&A Reveals More about J. K. Rowling's Next Project

Pottermore Q&A Reveals More about J. K. Rowling's Next Project 

The Pottermore Insider has posted a new blog entry answering a number of questions from readers of fan sites across the internet about J. K. Rowling's Pottermore.  The post reads:

Potter fan sites from around the globe helped us with the Pottermore name reveal, and now those same fan sites have been kind enough to tell us what their readers most want to know about the Pottermore experience. 
While we can’t give everything away (even though we know you’d like us to!), we’d really love to answer some of your questions... 
Will Pottermore be available in multiple languages?
Yes. Initially, Pottermore will be available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. We are aiming to introduce more languages in the future – including Japanese and Korean later this year. You’ll be able to keep track of language availability here on the Insider
Will Pottermore be free?
Yes, access to Pottermore will be completely free; you won’t have to pay anything to use the site. The Pottermore Shop will have items in it that you’ll be able to buy, but choosing to purchase something – or not – won't affect your progress through the story as the Shop sits outside of the online reading experience. 
Can you please explain what you mean by 'online reading experience?' How much will I, as a
Pottermore user, be able to affect the story? After all, hasn't Harry's story already been told?
 The best way to think of Pottermore is as an interactive, illustrated companion to the books. J.K. Rowling wanted to create a site where her stories could live on and where readers could explore them in a new way. In addition to discovering new material from J.K. Rowling about Harry’s world, you’ll be able to interact with key story Moments (the Sorting Hat sequence, for example) and upload your own comments, thoughts and artwork for all the characters, objects and places that you come across. 
So Pottermore isn't a massively multiplayer online role-playing game likeWorld of Warcraft, or a social network game like Farmville?
No. While there will be some simple games you can play (you'll be able to brew potions, for example), Pottermore is very much about the books: being able to experience Harry’s story in a new way and discover all the additional information that J.K. Rowling has written. 
Isn't there a House Cup that we compete for by earning points?
Yes, there is. As you progress through the story you'll also be able to earn house points – and once you get to the end of the first book you can carry on earning points to help your house win the House Cup. 
Would you say Pottermore is a social network for fans of Harry Potter?
Not really. Pottermore isn’t trying to compete with sites like Facebook or the Harry Potter forums and fan sites that are already out there. Once you’ve signed up to Pottermore you’ll be able to find and invite your Facebook friends (if you're over thirteen) and leave comments in your house common room and the Great Hall, but Pottermore isn't a social networking site where you can share personal information or chat in forums. 
I saw the Sony logo at the top of Pottermore.com. What's Sony's involvement with the site?
Sony is the primary partner of Pottermore. They have been consulted and involved in the development of the site experience and will offer a range of products and services to Pottermore users. 
Is Pottermore the Harry Potter encyclopedia?
J.K. Rowling has written exclusive new material especially for Pottermore giving unique insights, back stories and additional information about the characters, places and objects in the Harry Potter series. For now, Pottermore is the only place you’ll be able to find new information from J.K. Rowling about Harry’s world, and we'll be releasing this material as each of the seven books appears on the site. 
Once I've been sorted, will I be able to change houses?
J.K. Rowling has created a series of questions for the Sorting Hat, and how you answer these questions will determine which of the four houses you’ll be in. Once you've been sorted, you won't be able to change; the Sorting Hat's decision is final! 
What formats will the ebooks be available in? Will I be able to read them on my iPad/Sony eReader/Kindle...?
The Pottermore Shop is due to open in October. Our aim is to offer the ebooks in an as many formats as possible. We’ll provide more information closer to the time. 
I’ve submitted my email to the Pottermore website – does this mean I’m registered with Pottermore.com?
Not yet. If you’ve submitted your email address to the site, we'll use it to let you know when site registration is open to everyone. In other words, once you’ve received an email from us, you'll be able to visit Pottermore.com and complete the registration process. 
What's going to happen on 31 July?
We don't want to ruin the surprise but something will be happening on Pottermore.com on 31 July. Come back to the site, or keep an eye on thePottermore Insider (http://insider.pottermore.com) and our Pottermore Twitter feed for details. 

- - The Leaky Cauldron

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JK Rowling sign 'Harry Potter e-books' deal

Google, JK Rowling sign 'Harry Potter e-books' deal
The Economic Times

Google and British author J.K. Rowling have finalized a deal to launch the series of Harry Potter e-books on Google's platform .

'Pottermore and Google are teaming up to integrate Pottermore with a number of Google products and APIs,' Xinhua quoted Google, as saying in a blog post.

'So, when the series of Harry Potter e-books launches on Pottermore.com in early October, these bestsellers will be available in the US via the open Google e-books platform,' it added.

Pottermore is an upcoming website by Rowling, which will sell e-book and audio-book versions of the seven Harry Potter novels, as well as provide over 18,000 words of additional content including background details and settings.

The website will be launched on July 31 for the first one million fans to complete their registration on the website on that day, and on October 1 for everyone else.

Google, however, will not be allowed to sell the Harry Potter e-books or audio-books on its own site.

Google e-books can be read on most devices with a modern browser, through the Google Books apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and on more than 80 e-readers."

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Harry Potter: the Wizard app

Harry Potter Film Wizardry, the iPad app, is the first-ever authorized ebook app for Harry Potter and contains the entire New York Times bestselling book as well as interactive features, video, audio, additional never-before-seen photography, and will include an update on the making of Deathly Hallows Part 2 late this month.

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New Harry Potter Book on the shelf!

There's a new Harry Potter book available .. yes!

This book is a guide to all things Harry Potter and is just as important as the rest of the books in the series. As the description says on Amazon-" The Complete Guide to Harry Potter with over 800,000 words of information on the Magical World of Harry Potter including Famous Characters, Plot Summaries, Magic and Monsters" 

I am definitely going to order this one and I expect the same from the die hard, life long fans of Harry Potter!

And..by the way ITS ON KINDLE!

The Complete Guide to Harry Potter (Harry Potter Guides)