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Twilight copies Harry Potter's idea!

A man riding on the coattails of the recently announced Pottermore website for adoring Harry Potter fans, has created one of his own named Twimore, for vampire-loving Twihards everywhere.
The website has caused an outrage among both the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" fans. The JK Rowling following has accused 22-year-old Kaleb Nation of being unoriginal and the "Twilight" series unworthy of being in the same realm as the "Harry Potter" series.
"Twilight" fans have been bombarding the creator with e-mails asking to be the first to have access to this “exclusive” site. What these angered and frantic fans do not know is that the website is a complete parody of the original announcement made by J.K. Rowling about the interactive Pottermore website.
Kaleb Nation is just a talented YouTube video creator who happened to be the first to think of the idea to do the parody and was actually shocked that no one had done it already, not knowing he would spark such a reaction from "Twilight" fans and haters alike.
“My email inbox is stuffed with people begging for early access to Twimore. I'm not sure how many of these are serious. I'm flattered that my web design and video production skills are so convincing!,” he said in an e-mail interview with the Huffington Post.