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Harry Potter ..forever is a blog which has information, news and updates on all things related to the Harry Potter series. Here, we seek to share experiences and views regarding the Harry Potter. This blog has been hosted on blogger since we didn't have sufficient funds to host it on paid servers.

Now that the series and the movie adaptation of the books is almost over, I wish to continue this blog as a place where Harry Potter fans could discuss about their hero for years to come. Unfortunately this would require promotion, gifts and a proper paid host which in turn requires funds. That is why, we are looking to partner with such organisations which would give us the impetus to move on boldly and fulfill our objective. Also, since Harry Potter is kids' hero, we would like to give a portion of the website's earning to UN's WORLD FOOD PROGRAM.

the size of of your ad could be 

  • Big Rectangle (450x250)
  • Half Banner (450x200)
  • Square Button (300x300)
Your ad will placed at the most prominent position, as you can see I have tagged the slots 'Advertise here'.
Apart from placing your banner/button, I will be attaching a link to your site whenever I address my readers through mails.
If you happen have competitions or similar things, I will promote them through my blog and social media.

There are two deals:
  • $20 per month
  • $150 per year
You can choose the one which suits you best. We may always negotiate.

Also, I would like to tell you that the blog has 14500 or more as monthly viewers.

If you want to discuss anything please feel free to mail me.

    If you think that your organisation aligns with us, please let us know. For pricing and dimensions of ad spaces kindly mail your query - moveoninlife@gmail.com