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About Me

Hello friends..!!
I am Pallavi (b. 22 APRIL 1990), the person behind this mess..I am an engineering student from India.
I have lived in the Harry Potter-Decade ..and I used to wait for my Hogwarts Letter, when I started reading the book. I was quite sure that I will be a witch..and by the time the first movie got released..I was eleven(in 2001)..very ready to leave home and join Hogwarts. It was only after three years that I realised that there has been a mistake..and I am over age for admission in Hogwarts now. Nevertheless, my love for Harry Potter series grew stronger with my age, just that, now the things were transparent.

All of us have lived in the decade of Harry Potter and we'll continue to live in this wizarding world forevermore.
My objective of making this blog was simple..to connect to the Potter fans, share our views, get the latest news, enjoy discussions, get to know some facts and links and the likes..
I wish to make the Harry Potter Magic last..by playing my small part as a fan...since the last installment of the movies is ready for release in July next year, people have started to lose hope saying that "It all ends here ..*sob* .. *sob* "
I wish to make this blog a place where everyone would keep talking and discussing about Harry Potter irrespective of the fact that the books and the movies are over...come and discuss anything that is related to the series..without your cooperation ..this cannot be done.
Now, ask yourselves a question ...DO YOU WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO KNOW ABOUT HARRY POTTER..?? ..if the answer is YES ...then please...continue to contribute ..DON'T LET THE CHARM FADE AWAY...
A request to the Harry Potter fans...please..from here..you have to take it forward...!!

I would be glad to receive suggestions, queries and anything that you wish to say about your hero Harry..you can mail me   moveoninlife@gmail.com

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