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Harry Potter DVD of the MILLENIUM

Harry Poter DVD and Bluray
Harry Potter fans, line up to grab your copies Harry Potter DVD and Blu-ray!

Finally friends, we can bring home our childhood in a pack of a dvd, the Harry Potter saga DVD and Blu-ray will be out on 11.11.11.

If you thought that Pottermore is the only thing that Potter fans can look forward to, you were probably wrong. Personally, I will be waiting anxiously for the DVDs to come to market. Also, we are expecting something more than just movies this time, some extra shots, interviews of the stars or may be something of the sort of Potter- Nostalgia.

One thing I am not sure is whether it would be a worldwide release or just USA. Anyway, its a important day on the dateline for me and millions of Potter-heads. Long Live Harry Potter!

Go ahead and own the complete set of Harry Potter DVDs and Blu-ray, I will do so myself. The movie of our generation, our hero, our friends...this is getting emotional.