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"Harry Potter" cast sums up experiences in one word - Celebrity Circuit - CBS News

Harry Potter experience in a WORD

(CBS) In commemoration of the final "Harry Potter" film (which hits theaters on July 15), Empire magazine rounded up the cast of the films and asked them to sum up their experiences in one word.

Surprisingly, only one person called the memories "magical."
That was Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in all eight films.
Rupert Grint struggled to find a word to define his experiences playing Ron Weasley, while Tom Felton summed up playing Draco Malfoy as "life-changing" (then acknowledged that's actually two words). Bonnie Wright, who played Ginny, called it "inspiring," and Alan Rickman simply said playing Severus Snape was "good."
And what how did Daniel Radcliffe describe playing The Boy Who Lived? "Unforgettable."
The video is part of Empire's "Harry Potter" issue, which commemorates the end of the blockbuster series. The magazine is on newsstands now.