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Yule Ball is not limited to Hogwarts anymore!

Remember the Yule Ball at Hogwarts, the ball that was celebrated to mark the beginning of the Tri-Wizard Tournament?
I know you do!

In the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we see that the school is playing host for the tri-wizard tournament and couple of pairing we see there, Cedric and Chow Chang, were my favourite!

Well, just FYI the Yule Ball is not restricted to Hogwarts or Harry Potter anymore. Recently, a committee from University of Wisconsin held this charitable ball. The Wisconsin Union Directorate Publications sponsored the event in order to raise funds to support Madison Children's Hospital and Respite Center.

The WUD Publications Committee director Sarah Mathews said that the theme was so designed in order to promote reading for children and tie the event into literacy. The invitations and information was sent over Facebook and to the surprise of the committee members, 3,600 people said they would be attending! The problem of space was however evident. Tickets got sold in an hour and a half and they could not provide them for everyone who showed interest, since they were so limited.

The WUD committee collected 1,762 donations including books, art kits, stuffed animals and DVDs. At the end, Mathew said that the members of the committee were very pleased at the response they got and the manner in which the event concluded.

"People love Harry Potter and they love the idea of celebrating childhood", said Mathews.


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