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Harry Potter : Speculation or not?

There are certain loopholes in Harry Potter books, or atleast so they say.

One that I have been wanting to discuss is from the second book : Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

WHY : The hissing sound is heard only by Harry?
My Reason supporting the question would be: Its true and clearly mentioned in the book that Harry is a parsel-tongue, but, even others should have been able to hear it since it was a sound though Harry could have been the only to understand what the creature was saying. Isn't this a blunder in the book?
Prof. Lockhart, Hermione, Ron were with Harry at some point of time or another when Harry heard the sound but none of them were able to hear it. Was it something to do with Voldemort and Harry's scar, the connection between them or some other phenomenon that has not been well explained in the books? And if Harry Potter was able to hear it, why didn't he try to understand what the Basilisk wanted to say?

Do tell me what do you think about this little flaw. If you have the reasons to prove otherwise, please write back to me. I would to love to listen from you all.

Also, if you have any such questions that you wish to ask, feel free to post them here. Your participation is really important.