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and you call yourself a Harry Potter fan..!!

Harry Potter books : check
Harry Potter movies : check
Harry Potter websites : check
Harry Potter video games : check
Harry Potter stores and stuff : check
Quidditch : what about it..??
Friends..this is something that all of us ought to know, encourage and participate, yes, I am talking about Quidditch which is played, celebrated and recognised. Last month the International Quidditch Association organised the Fourth Quidditch World Cup ..and what an event it was!!
What I wish to convey is that Quidditch is not limited to movies and games..its for real now..!!
If you are a true Harry Potter fan, you've got to witness this sport, after all it is the most popular sport in the wizarding world and aren't we a part of it..!!
You won't believe the sort of participation this event witnessed..so..check this link for some facts and figures : http://www.internationalquidditch.org/worldcup.html

And here's a video from the event :

So, I expect you all to write back ...I'll be waiting for your replies.
Take care and be a snitch seeker ..!!