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Harry Potter : why is he the chosen one

Harry Potter-the boy who lived is called 'the chosen one', ever thought why is it so?

Well, the story begins when Albus Dumbledore goes out to recruit a teacher for the post of Divination. A very odd looking lady, Sybill Trelawney applies for the job and Dumbledore visit the village of Hogsmeade to meet her. Though Dumbledore didn't really think of her as a capable teacher, he recruits her.

Sybill Trelawney gave a prophecy that  changed everything in the wizarding world thereafter!

THE PROPHECY: The person who will kill the dark lord will be born to the parents who have fought him thrice. He will be born at the end of July. The dark lord himself will mark him as his equal yet he will not be aware of the powers the boy will possess. At the end, one of them will have to die because neither can live while the other survives.

While Trelawney was giving this prophecy in front of Dumbledore alone, Snape was listening to it and he was the one who informed the dark lord about this prophecy. 

THE CONTROVERSY: There were two babies due to be born at the end of July to the parent who had confronted the dark lord thrice, the other child was NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM!

The dark lord himself chose his vanquisher when he decided to attack the child born at the Potter's house, Harry Potter. While attacking young Harry, lord Voldemort ave him some of his powers and was not aware of this fact. Harry escaped death, having only a scar on his forehead whereas the dark lord was reduced to a being much less than a human, barely surviving. Both Harry's parent lost their lives in order to save him from Voldemort.

Thus, we know Harry Potter as 'the chosen one'!