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J K Rowling : biopic of the legend herself

The English speaking world and atleast half of the others know the name J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series. We, the fans of boy wizard Harry Potter know perfectly well about the movies and the books alike, we know all about Harry and the other characters of the series and given a chance, we might even dig in to the details of Harry's third generation! What we have not known well, is about the life of J. K. Rowling, before she wrote the legendary series. The Brit-author shot to success soon after the Harry Potter series got oodles of fame and fandom, making her the 12th richest lady in Great Britain.

Now, a feast for all the Potter fans, particularly, the ones who appreciate JKR relentlessly for her masterpiece, a television series is being made on the life of JKR! Australian actress, Poppy Montgomery will be starring in the lead of the series called, Magic Beyond Words, which is being currently filmed in Vancouver, Canada. This series is due to be telecasted later this year. Montgomery had to work upon her accent, in order to get the correct Brit-accent and wear blue contact lenses, to get the about right look.

What about a little sneak peek of the shooting and the sets: video for you

Thanks to Michael Olson for submitting this link to us!

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