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Harry Potter : the last scene shot

We thank J.K. Rowling for our childhood, which was made splendid fighting over the Harry Potter books! There used to be innocence in the way we tried to sneak out the books from our friends and there used to be some sort of bliss in finishing those pages, all by ourselves. Sad though it is, the last movie is due to release this year, in June. The timer says there are just 111 days left for the classic magical epic to premiere!

A decade when we could hardly stop discussing what Prof. Snape was actually like, did Harry really had to die, will Ron ever propose to Hermione, ah, and stuff like that. The trio that holds a special place in our hearts, Harry, Hermione and Ron, i.e., Daniel, Emma and Rupert, all of them have grown up on the sets of Harry Potter movies and have lived through them. Imagine there last day at shooting, what it must have been like!

I came across this video while surfing on the net, so, thought of sharing it with you all. This is the last scene shot for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and just then, it was all over..

HARRY POTTER .. forever!